Martin Levêque (France, 1987) lives and works in Mexico City. After studying communication and seven years of experience in entrepreneurship as an art director, he began to create visual works in an autodidact way.

His work explores our relationship with objects and space. Through his installations, sculptures, photographs and silkscreen printing, Levêque tries to spread confusion among the visitors by offering a moment that breaks the barriers imposed by our daily life. His work is an utopian quest that transforms the impossible into reality. His colorblindness is at the origin of his fascination for illusion.

Levêque defies the traditional tools of the analog art and carefully chooses his materials and intends to give them a second life. The matter properties are an universal and inexhaustible source of inspiration. In a dizzying era of constant and rapid changes, the tangible holds a strong and positive message, that of an immutable truth. Levêque is undeniably moved by the evolution of knowledge, and especially by its obsolescence that our generation is testifying.

In 2017 he presented his first monumental installation, Sanctuaire, in the main venue of Mutek Mx, a digital art festival in Mexico City. This artwork is a tribute to the energy that the swarming Mexico City brought to him. In February 2018, Sanctuaire took a central place in Salon ACME, one of the main contemporary art fairs in the country. The piece won 2018 the grand prize of the Korean competition K Design Award.